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About Us

Who We Are
We often get asked how we started this – here's the scoop:
The ORIGINAL Tuesdays was started by Ron Dobransky and Angie Segal in partnership with Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge in Rockville, MD.
We were sitting in our favorite bar (Clyde’s) one night talking about what we wished existed in a networking event and here is what we came up with——-
  • Same day and time every month.
  • Same place so we always know where it is.
  • FREE – why am I paying someone else to go into a public place?
  • Open to everyone – you never know who you will meet.
  • Just about networking – no agenda, no format, no infomercials, only open format networking where people meet, connect, and hopefully do some business.
  • Badges with first names only so there is no profiling, just conversations.
  • What else do you have to do on a Tuesday after work?
Then we thought maybe we could do that ourselves and set a goal of getting 100 people to attend by emailing our combined database and suggesting that people should pass it along.
Our first event had 175 people; the power went out 5 minutes before the start time and stayed out for 2 hours while we networked in the dark, hot, crowded space in August.  It was nothing short of huge success!  It continues to grow from there and we average about 300 people each month, many of which are first-timers at the event each month.
What Do We Get Out of Doing This?
Nothing and everything…….
Our business is not networking; we are not trying to make our living hosting a networking event. Our businesses, however, are helping people to grow and be successful in their businesses.  Ron provides Award Winning design, print, mail and communications solutions for business to grow through marketing at Rockville Printing & Graphics.  Angie helps businesses grow through strategic planning and implementation as an ActionCOACH Business Coach.
Everything we do is designed to help you grow and the Tuesday events are no exception….
If you are successful, and want to be even more so we would love to help you do that.
Your business and your referrals are always welcome and appreciated.
Here is our info and links to our websites.
Ron Dobransky

Ron Dobransky


Angie Segal


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